It's with great sadness that we announce that, after 45 years in business, Abbey Kindergarten opened its doors for the last time on .

The committee would like to send a big thanks to our wonderful staff - Jacqui, Karen, Cherise, Saeeder and Caroline - who have worked incredibly hard, with sheer determination, to provide a lovely environment for our children to thrive and learn in over the years.

And to you all of you who have supported Abbey, past or present, we thank you too for your help and encouragement.

We wish our children and their families all the best in their new adventures in school and nursery.

- Abbey Kindergarten Committee


We have a set of policies that have to be adhered to for the day to day running of the group. These policies are compiled by the management committee and staff, and are reviewed annually. We ask that all parents/carers at least read policy one and sign them to show they understand and shall adhere to them. A copy of our policies can also be found in the green folder on the table in the carpeted social room or speak to a staff member.

Current Policies

  • Policy one: Safeguarding children, equality of opportunity, safety, health and hygiene, admissions, food, meetings, curriculum, inclusion, breast & bottle feeding, valuing diversity, special needs, achieving positive behaviour, comments and complaints, promoting health and hygiene, animals, managing allergies, nappy changing, smoking and first aid.
  • Policy two: Suitable people, employment and staffing, induction and student placements.
  • Policy three: Suitable premises, environment and equipment, risk assessment, health and safety, fire safety and emergency evacuation, recording and reporting of accidents and incidents, food hygiene, health & safety of staff, students and parental helpers, safety checks and risk assessments, fire exits, fire drills/bomb alerts, outings and trips, outdoor play area, responsibility of parent/carer, procedures for foyer, toilets, social room, storage unit, main hall, cleaning wquipment regime and furniture, toileting and hand washing routines, suitable clothing, store room, visits off premises, fire safety and emergency evacuation into and out of building, recording and reporting of accidents and incidents.
  • Policy four: Organisation and administration, admissions and application to join, visiting pre-school, observations made on children, role of key person and settling in, learning through play, learning stories, working together for your children, how parents take part, parental rota, sessions, policies, fees and charges, working in partnership with other agencies, financial policy
  • Policy five: Documentation and record keeping, critical incidents and data protection policy.

Regulation and inspection

The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) will be responsible for the regulation of providers of all childcare services in addition to its role of Inspecting schools. As a pre-school we are successfully and regularly inspected by OFSTED.

You can read our previous OFSTED reports on the OFSTED feedback page or you can find a copy of OFSTED reports within the policy folder and displayed upon notice board in carpeted social room and also the foyer.

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