It's with great sadness that we announce that, after 45 years in business, Abbey Kindergarten opened its doors for the last time on .

The committee would like to send a big thanks to our wonderful staff - Jacqui, Karen, Cherise, Saeeder and Caroline - who have worked incredibly hard, with sheer determination, to provide a lovely environment for our children to thrive and learn in over the years.

And to you all of you who have supported Abbey, past or present, we thank you too for your help and encouragement.

We wish our children and their families all the best in their new adventures in school and nursery.

- Abbey Kindergarten Committee

Starting Out

Before your child actually starts pre-school, we encourage you to attend with your child so that you can both see what we do in a regular session.

We will then get to know you and your child, and more importantly, it is a time when your child will get to know us and the routine of the group.

The First Days

A child who is tense and unhappy at the separation from their parent/carer will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is very important that parents/carers and staff work together at helping an upset child to feel confident and secure within the group. During this period we encourage parent/carer s to stay for as long as they feel is needed with the guidance of staff. We welcome any form of comforter your child may have. This can be kept in their bag to be used if necessary whilst your child is with us.

What to Wear

Abbey Kindergarten Uniform

We have a selection of uniform on sale which is not compulsory but some parents/carers find does save on the wear and tear on other clothing.

Please feel free to download a copy of our uniform order form.

Please do not send your child in brand new clothes although we do wear aprons, spillages do occur.

  • Soft soled shoes e.g. plimsolls or trainers are required to be worn inside.
  • Wellingtons will be required for outdoor play in wet weather.
  • A bag with TWO spare sets of underwear, socks, trousers and top is advisable in case of spillages or accidents.

Please name all items of clothing including footwear & bags.

Healthy Snacks

We provide on a fortnightly basis choices of breadsticks or vegetable/fruits/toast/sandwich but also ask families to send in a named snack to consume at break time. Items to provide for your child could be: vegetables - carrot/cucumber/pepper sticks, fruits – apple, banana, grapes or cheese & crackers. Please not not send sweets/sugary items. Thank you.

Illnesses, Sickness or Diahorrea

  • Please advise us immediately should your child contract a contagious illness i.e. Slapped Cheek/Chickenpox/German Measles etc. in order other parents/carers can be informed
  • If your child has been sick or has had diahorrea they must not return to pre-school until they are free from symptoms for at least 72 hours.

Any Problems?

If you or your child experiences any problems when your child is with us, we would like to know. Please speak to Jacqui the supervisor or a key committee member in complete confidence. Or you may ask to see the policy folder regarding behaviour management or seek out the comments or complaints procedures red folder which is kept on the table in the carpeted social room for your privacy.

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