It's with great sadness that we announce that, after 45 years in business, Abbey Kindergarten opened its doors for the last time on .

The committee would like to send a big thanks to our wonderful staff - Jacqui, Karen, Cherise, Saeeder and Caroline - who have worked incredibly hard, with sheer determination, to provide a lovely environment for our children to thrive and learn in over the years.

And to you all of you who have supported Abbey, past or present, we thank you too for your help and encouragement.

We wish our children and their families all the best in their new adventures in school and nursery.

- Abbey Kindergarten Committee


The Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) will be responsible for the regulation of providers of all childcare services in addition to its role of Inspecting schools.

As a pre-school we are successfully and regularly inspected by OFSTED.

OFSTED rated the pre-school as "good" in the inspections carried out in 2005, 2007 and 2011, and a "requires improvement" in our 2015 and 2016 inspections. We're actively working on the feedback from OFSTED to bring you and your children the best experience.

You can view our reports on the OFSTED website (latest report on ).

A copy of OFSTED reports are also kept for parents/carers to see within policy folder and displayed upon the notice board in the carpeted social room and also the foyer.

Some of the comments made by OFSTED include:

Staff are kind and caring and provide children with consistent boundaries and clear expectations of what is acceptable behaviour, teaching them how to behave well. 2016 report

Parents speak highly of the care children receive at the kindergarten. They comment on the friendly, helpful staff. 2015 report

Staff are fully involved with the children. This ensures that the children can get the best from the activities provided and make good progress. 2011 report

Children have a positive attitude to learning and they are forming firm friendships with each other and staff. 2007 report

An attractive environment is created in the shared hall. Staff arrange a wide variety of equipment and create areas for different types of play. 2005 report

Last reviewed: