It's with great sadness that we announce that, after 45 years in business, Abbey Kindergarten opened its doors for the last time on .

The committee would like to send a big thanks to our wonderful staff - Jacqui, Karen, Cherise, Saeeder and Caroline - who have worked incredibly hard, with sheer determination, to provide a lovely environment for our children to thrive and learn in over the years.

And to you all of you who have supported Abbey, past or present, we thank you too for your help and encouragement.

We wish our children and their families all the best in their new adventures in school and nursery.

- Abbey Kindergarten Committee

The Committee

What is the Committee About?

The pre-school has been registered in the town of Wymondham since . In Abbey Kindergarten became committee run, so that charity status could be obtained. This means we are a non-profit making organisation; all monies made are ploughed back into the Pre-School with children's welfare as our primary concern. Being a charity also means we are able to fund-raise to buy new equipment or fund outings for example. The committee is made up of volunteers, primarily parents or carers like yourselves who have children in attendance. Being a committee member enables you to have a say in the running of such things as the group's outings and fund raising events. The committee changes from year to year as children leave to attend school.

Joining our Committee

We always need willing committee of volunteers to help us, we are a friendly and caring team of parents that are interested in the upkeep of a long established pre-school. All you need to do is complete relevant DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance, give up some of your valuable time to attend monthly meetings and help organise or run events. Through simple jobs as collecting or storing items for fundraising, or work on a stall to more involved jobs such as Treasurer or Secretary keeping our paperwork up to date, paying bills and organising the diary. To find out more about joining the current Committee please speak to our Chairperson or speak to Jacqui our supervisor or Karen assistant supervisor.

It is vital that new people come forward to join our committee at all times, we cannot exist without you!

Annual General Meeting

The committee is the backbone or our setting and ensures that the major decision making is made by parents/carers of children in attendance and is responsible for reviewing policy and practice, employment and appraisal of staff. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in October each year when the committee for the following year is elected, all parents/carers are required to attend in order to meet our charity constitution.

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